Albanian Wines

  • Kind of Tour: Agrotourism/Culinary
  • Price : On Request
  • Itinerary: Tirana – Prezë – Lezhë –Shkodër –Koplik – Durrës – Lushnjë – Berat –Nartë – Përmet -Librazhd – Krujë – Rinas
  • Description of the Tour:
  • This is a tour dedicated to the wine lovers and dainty people. Albania, is a small country, but with a lot of authentic grape variety, from which delicious wines are produced.

The Amazing Albanian Alps

The Albanian Alps (Alpet Shiqptare) also known as Accursed Mountains (Bjeshket e Namuna, some might say Nemuna ) in English, are part of the Dinaric Alps that span all the way across South Eastern Europe from Slovenia in the North via Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania in the South to end in Kosovo.

They’re bordered by the Julian Alps in Slovenia, Šar Range in South and Adriatic along which they run parallel in the West. The highest peak is called Jezerca (Maja Jezercë ) and stands 2694m tall. The highest peaks are all clustered in an area that stretches in the border region between Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. In this area the Balkans Peace Park was proposed and a long distance hiking path, the Peaks of the Balkans trail (192km), established.