Meet and assistance on arrival. Departure to Shkodra, the city of rich history. In the III century BC the city became the capital of Illyrian State of Ardians. We begin with walking tour in the historic area, where are clock tower, Grand Catholic Church,  Grand Mosque, Marubi Fonoteque which is the oldest in Albania, with many photo albums about Albania. We continue with Rozafa Castel built on II century B.C, and we get familiarized with the legend of the Castle. The end of the tour.

Ski Touring in Cross-border areas in Western Balkan!

Kind of Tour:                      Adventure

Kode of Tour:                    ETATCT01

Trip Length:                        5 nights /6 days

Difficulty:                            Difficult

Itinerary:    Tirana/Pristina/Prizren – Dragash /Brod (KO) – Prevallë (KO) – Popova Shapka(NM) – Mavrovo (NM) – Radomirë (AL)- Travel back

Tour Description:

The region between Kosovo*, North Macedonia and Albania has everything to boast of itself. Rugged mountains, high peaks above 2000 m, green valleys, rich wildlife and above all hospitality of people and delicious food.

This tour will introduce the best areas where you can go ski touring in Kosovo*, North Macedonia and Albania. Enjoy skiing the scenic routes of Sharr Mountain Range including the regions of Prevallë and Brod in Kosovo*, Vejtse, Popova Shapka and Mavrovo in North Macedonia and Radomire and Korab in Albania. Some of the peaks we will ski near are: Ovqinec 2177m, Black Peak 2585, Kleq Peak 2414 and Korab Peak 2764 m.



Zvernec & Narta Lagoon

Narta Lagoon is situated a few kilometers from the city of Vlora, in the northwestern part of it. Departure: 07:00 to Vlora. Along the way, you will be better introduced with the particularity of this lagoon. Besides natural beauty, it is of special interest the Monastery of Saint Mary, which is located in the island of Zvërnec and which can be reached through a narrow wooden pedestrian bridge. The monastery is a typical Byzantine construction built in the tenth century AD. It had a very rich church library. Lunch is at the lagoon, where you will have the possibility to enjoy local food. Return to Tirana.



Meet and assistance on arrival. Departure te Berati City which is known as “ The city of thousand windows ”. With a 2400 History which testimonial is the castle built on the hills of the city. Inside the Castle we can visit Onufri Museum and many churches. The we continue with museum quarter of Mangalemi, Ethnographic Museum, Gorica, and the Leaden Mosque. A short walking in the city. The end of tour. Transfer to Tirana.

Communism Tour

  • Kind of Tour: Communism /Special Interest Tours
  • Price: On Request
  • Itinerary: Tirana – Durrës – Vlore – Gjirokastra – Korçë – Pogradec
  • Description of the tour:
  • This tour is dedicated to the communism regime, and it is for those who want to know more about isolated life during communism, its symbols, architecture, art.

Ancient Iliria

  • Kind of Tour: Cultural/Archeological
  • Price: On Request
  • Itinerary: Tirana – Durrës – Berat – Bylis – Gjirokastra – Saranda – Vlora – Apollonia – Kruja
  • Description of the Tour:
  • There are a lot of ruins from the ancient Iliria and a lot of well preserved archeological site. Our proposal comes with the most well-known sites, but of course we can riorganise and create a tailor-made tour, as per your request.

Religious Tour

Kind of Tour: Cultural/Religious

Price: On Request

Itinerary: Tirana – Krujë(Sari Saltik) – Laç(St.Anthony church) – Rubik(Shelbuem) – Shkodër – Fushe Krujë(Betania, Bubq) – Kavajë – Berat – Ardenica – Apollonia – Vlorë – Llogora -= Dhërmi – Mesopotam – Labov Cross – Gjirokastra – Përmet – Voskopojë – Korçë – Tushemisht – Ohrid – Pogradec – Elbasan – Tirana

Description of the tour:

One of the most important values of Albania is the co-existence between communities. The fact that there are four official religions in Albania reveals that Albania is rich in cult objects and history.

Highlights of Albania

  • Highlights of Albania in 8 days
  • Kind of Tour: Cultural
  • Price:On Request
  • Itinerary: Tirana – Berat – Ardenice – Apolloni – Llogora – Saranda – Butrint – Gjirokaster –Durres – Lezhe – Shkoder – Kruje – Tirana
  • Descripition of the Tour:
  • In this trip you will discover Albania, in its more rapresantative sites, historical cities, museums, cultural places. They are a lot attractive, unique and authentically thing from the undiscovered Albania. These kind of tour is rich in information and sightseeing. Our proposal is an 8 classical day, but of course it can be tailor-made, according to the request of our clients.

Albanian Riviera

  • Walking & Hiking through Albania Riviera
  • Kind of Tour: Adventure/Cultural
  • Trip Length: 7 nights /8 days
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Price:On Request
  • Itinerary: Tirana – Llologora – Grama Bay – Shën Andrew Bay – Palasë – Dhërmi –Gjipe – Himarë – Porto Palermo – Qeparo – Kakome – Sarandë – Butrint – Gjirokastër – Rinas